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Hey There

It’s true – we love a good party! But more than that, we are experienced corporate hospitality professionals who get the biggest thrill from delivering the events of our clients’ dreams. Every party needs a planner, and we are the detail-loving, creative thinking, discerning tastes who will make your event be a stand-out success.

We – Taylor and Amber – are the co-founders of Social Calendar Events, and knew from Day One that our opposite strengths would combine into the perfect party package. While Taylor plans and schemes, Amber crunches budgets and calendars, and our teamwork results in spectacular events that keep our clients confident, and event guests suitably impressed.


Our in-the-know sourcing of venues, menus, entertainment and other details is the secret ingredient in our event planning toolkit. Google may provide some maps, but it’s our own career backgrounds within the hospitality industry that continues to feed our resource pipeline. Hospitality experience lets us easily eyeball a ballroom for potential seating charts, speak of cuisine with red seal chefs, and find contract red flags upon a glance.


We love what we do, and love that we get to help our clients have some of the best days of their lives!


Taylor & Amber

co-founder & creative brain

Background: Before jumping into event planning, I worked for several years in restaurant and hotel management. My hospitality role included event and catering management – this focus gave me the chance to work directly with guests and clients, while also coordinating services with restaurant and hotel team members, including kitchen, guest services, and facility services.

Show me the menu: Occasions with amazing food bring me great joy! I’m a self-declared foodie, but I don’t limit myself to one type of fare: family-style dining, elaborate trays of canapés, gorgeous arrangements of traditional foods…I’m in for all of it!

Vision before planning: Working with clients to develop a clear vision provides a starting point to create their ideal event from venue to menu. I sit with clients and meet them where they’re at, whether it’s providing the legwork dictated by their plan, or creating options for each decision and proceeding through the journey together. Some clients benefit from my time, others from resources, and still others from my ability to listen, learn, and create a unique event vision that is the exact event they weren’t able to articulate.

“I love seeing the end result, and the excitement, and that feeds my own enthusiasm for the “next” on my social calendar.”

A woman with glasses, sitting and smiling.
A woman smiling, and holding a wine glass.

co-founder & organizational genius

Background: My past career was spent in the restaurant industry, both in management and in corporate training. The opportunity to open new restaurant locations and roll out new programs across multiple locations developed my expertise in kitchen/catering operations, nuances between different regions, and developing a keen sense of keeping an eye on the big picture.

It’s all in the details: I love all events, but get very excited for the required level of detailed planning for the elaborate occasions, such as corporate fundraisers where we’re working with guests, staff, and sponsors and meshing together activities, menus and gifts. Give me a theme and some complexities, and I’ll build a game plan that will take us to the finish line.

“I feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment after an event, and enjoy reveling in the glowing rush of a successful occasion.”

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