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Two men in tuxedos watch a woman play pool.

Special Events

People sit on couches and chairs, chatting to one another.

You focus on the agenda and we'll take care of the rest


The business of doing business requires smooth and seamless planning, which starts with selecting the right place for the right occasion. We know hospitality, and we are experts in choosing the very best of the West Coast for each occasion, whether an intimate meeting to seal the deal, a large presentation requiring technology capability or anything in between.

Raise the bar for your charity event


Supporting a worthy cause requires lots of brain power and plenty of heart. Manage event expectations and outcomes through the expertise and support of our event professionals, so you can focus on your gracious guests and selected benefactor. Our team's deep knowledge in the hospitality industry can source out the new and different, or assure the tried and true, wherever your comfort is placed.

A  dining set-up for a wedding.
A bar counter-top, a sign hangs in front that reads "Tiki Bar"

Not your average day out of the office


Hit a hole-in-one with your next golf tournament and earn the win-win of a successful fundraiser and memorable day on the green. Our team creates a fun and friendly environment for your golfers, along with fantastic sponsorship opportunities. We'll work seamlessly with your team to create a unique tournament that will be the talk around the coffee station for weeks to come.

Take it outside


Connecting employees outside of the workplace is a nice thing to do, and also a great way to build your team's cohesiveness. We all love some fun AND to feel appreciated. We will help with all the details (ex. transportation, entertainment, door prizes, etc), whatever the plan, and let you have a good time too!

A man and woman exchange food acroos a restaurant counter. A sign on the wall says "the burger bar"
A living room with wicker chairs.

I've got questions!


Ask all the questions and receive the professional advice you will need to plan your own event - a great option for budget conscious as well as those who really want to plan their own event (but want to make sure they're on the right track)!

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